RBC Ottawa Defendant Denied Bail, August 25

Posted: August 28, 2010 in RBC Ottawa Defense
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Accused RBC firebomber denied bail

By Megan Gillis, QMI Agency, August 25, 2010


OTTAWA – A retired civil servant accused of firebombing an RBC branch again lost his bid for bail Wednesday. Roger Clement, 58, appealed a justice of the peace’s detention order but was denied by a Superior Court judge. The judge’s decision and the evidence she heard are covered by a publication ban.

Clement is the only one of three men who were charged in connection with the May firebombing still in jail. The bank branch is located in the trendy Glebe neighbourhood.

An anarchist group took responsibility, posting video of the arson online. Clement and Matthew Morgan-Brown, 32, are charged with arson causing damage, possession of incendiary material and using explosives with intent to cause property damage and mischief. Engineer Claude Haridge, 50, was charged with careless storage/handling of ammunition and failing to comply with an undertaking.

Clement and Haridge are also charged with mischief in connection with damage to an Alta Vista RBC branch on Feb. 1.


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