PAUL KORING, WASHINGTON— From Monday’s Globe and Mail, Published Sunday, Mar. 20, 2011:

Cracks emerged in the supposedly joint Arab-Western coalition of war planes attacking forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi only hours after a massive pounding by more than 100 U.S. cruise missiles pulverized Libya’s air defences, reportedly killing scores and wounding many others. Read the rest of this entry »


FYI: “Mr. Catenacci was arrested in August, six weeks after the summit. Toronto police had launched a drive to identify perpetrators of the violence, and facial-recognition technology matched to closed-circuit photos at a bank machine led to his arrest.” Read the rest of this entry »

2011 Spring Tour Schedule
This March through June, Toronto’s most notorious revolutionary hip-hop artists; “Test Their Logik” will be touring across the portion of Turtle Island known as “Kanada” with their long-awaited debut album. They are looking to connect with communities large and small on this journey in order to help develop links between communities, do shows to bring together radical minds, offer workshops for mind and body, and inspire people to imagine radical transformation and freedom. Read the rest of this entry »

A series of corporate and alternative news articles on the global food crisis and related uprisings of 2011.  Although largely overshadowing the food crisis, the Arab Revolts of early 2011 were initially sparked by rising food prices (wheat, grain, and corn) and paralleled similar disturbances throughout Asia, Africa and South/Central America.  Contributing factors to the food crisis include reductions in agricultural lands (from pollution, toxins, depletion, urbanization, etc.), destruction of crops (from flooding, droughts, wildfires, etc.), and rising fuel costs.  The Arab Revolts are already contributing to rising oil prices, which in turn will lead to higher food costs (and for all commodities).  Happy New Year!

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J18 UPDATE: Roger Clement’s New Mailing Address
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G20 Defendant Alex Hundert Released from Prison, Actions of Crown Widely Condemned

January 28, 2010, Toronto – After having spent three consecutive months in jail without trial, G20 defendant Alex Hundert was released from the
Toronto West Detention Centre on January 24th.
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Urgent Appeal to All Friends and Supporters of Tuchone Warrior John Graham

John and his co-defendant, Thelma Rios, are scheduled to face trial on November the 29th


As many have heard, John Graham is currently jailed in Rapid City, South Dakota. They are trying to put him away for life with the charge of killing his friend and comrade from in American Indian Movement, Anna Mae Aquash. While the only real evidence in this murder (along with at least 66 other murders of indigenous people in S. Dakota during 1973-76) points to the U.S. Government and the paramilitary forces they funded and equipped. Read the rest of this entry »