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On Friday (January) the 13th 2012, Mandy Hiscocks was sentenced to 20-24 month for 1 count of Counseling to Commit Mischief and Counseling to Obstruct Police. With 31 days in pretrial custody and harsh bail conditions taken into account, Mandy’s remaining time to serve is 16 months.

With the courthouse filled with supporters, more than could even fit in the courtroom, Mandy delivered an awesome speech chastising the justice system and enlightening the judge as to why exactly, her desires have not been deterred by her sentence. (more…)


Following the June 2010 G20 summit in Toronto, a wave of repression came down on anarchists and anti-authoritarians in Southern Ontario. Ryan Rainville was one of those arrested and held in jail for three months before being released into house arrest at a Native men’s residence in Toronto called Sagatay. (more…)

AW@L Statement on Targeted Policing at the Toronto G20 and Continued Criminalization of Community Organizations

September 15th 2010 – Kitchener-Waterloo

G20 Policing, Political Targeting, and Anarchy

The Toronto G20 and G8 summits of so-called “leaders” of the self-described free world were defiantly met by a massive convergence of people oriented towards social justice. Indigenous Nations and anti-poverty groups, migrant justice activists, anti-capitalists, environmentalists, community builders, disAbility rights advocates, radical feminists, anarchists, moms and grandmothers, animal liberation crusaders, maternal health advocates, civil libertarians, liberals, and some people from the right and a score of others from the entire spectrum of the ecological and social justice movements took the streets to share their love and rage. For another time on Turtle Island in 2010, a people’s convergence was met with scorn and repudiation from these uncaring leaders and with violence and violations from the massive security operation mobilized to keep us silent. (more…)

Review:  The Coming Insurrection
by the Invisible Committee, France 2008 (2009 English Online edition)

AutonomousResistance, September 2010

Used as evidence against a group accused of carrying out sabotage attacks on train lines in France (the Tarnac 9, arrested  in 2008, members of which are also accused of writing this book), banned by the French government as a ‘manual for terrorism,’ and  spotlighted on a popular right-wing ‘news’ show on Fox TV in the US, The Coming Insurrection has become widely read among radicals throughout Europe and North America.  Published in English by Semiotexte, the book now lines the shelves of Chapters bookstores and is also widely available on-line. (more…)

Can’t Stop Kaos Zine

A 28 page half-sized zine on the history and development of the Black Bloc tactic in W. Europe and N. America and the Autonomist movements from which it arises.  Feel free to download and distribute in your area.

Fire and Flames

A 32 page, 8×11 PDF Militant Report on Toronto Anti-G20 Resistance.  Feel free to download and distribute in your area.